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Bio: Application:
Professional Slitting Nonwoven Fabrics Laminates(Film To Foil, Film To Film, Film To Paper...) And Foil Materials,
Primary Films(BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, HDPE, OPP, PVC, PET, PE, LDPE...), Other Plastic Film And Foil
Materials Thickness 12-250 Microns, 250-600 Microns.

-Real Maximum Speed 600M/Min
-Rewind Width 25mm(Min.) -Speciality and Stability
-Precisely Rewind Roll Edge

Packing and Transport:
Step 1: Clean all the dusty
Step 2: Rust prevention and lubricating treatment
Step 3: Wrap shrink film to water proof
Step 4: Pallet and internation standard wood packing
CC600A 1 inch and 3 inch paper core cutter:
Why Choose Us?
Because We Are Different, We Could Support You To Be Different
--Stable & Professional Slitter Made by Over 20 Years Experienced Engineer.
--Complete and Cautious Test and Check Before Shipment.
--Detailed Instruction and Manual for All of Our Machines.
--Machine Installing and Worker Training Service.
--Whole-Life Free Technical Support.
--Regular On-site Routine Inspection.
--One Year Guarantee for all Listed Key Parts of Our Slitter.
What is good slitter?
The most difficult points for a slitter is the speed and the width.
It is easy to make a slitter whose speed is less than 300m/min, but 500m/min, 600m/min, 800m/min or even 1000m/min, is not all company can do.
The other point is the effective slitting width, the slitter who is narrow than 1600mm is easy to make, but 1800mm,2000mm,or even 3500mm is very difficult to make.
We are proud that we can do all the speed and width slitterFilm Slitter
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